Monica, Letty and Chachi carrying school supplies.



Native Peruvian Lider at Moyobamba Hospital. Mildew on the walls. God miraculously healed his broken urethra.

Lilian (left) stopped school because she could no longer recognize letters. Through help of our generous partners she can now see again with glasses.

Our Bible School in Peru - jungle village of Shampuyaku, where hundreds of children received Jesus and are being trained to become world changers.

Woman of Soritor & ex-governor Elias.  Asking for our help in teaching them life skills, cooking, handicrafts and how to market them towards self suffiency.

Indigenous woman cooking with three logs on mud floors in their one room hut.  Dried meat hanging in  basket.

Nine year childless native couple (with black hair ) prayer request for a blonde bay boy, granted, MIRACLE.